NZ Food

Our temperate climate, productive pastures and bountiful coastline make New Zealand a food-producing mecca. We’re as passionate as you are about keeping New Zealand famous for that food quality, and we’re proud to be playing a part in helping to ensure that these renowned products make it to plates throughout New Zealand and around the world. 

Who we are

Our Presco Environmental team are trained industrial cleaning technicians who service New Zealand’s food and beverage industry, playing a key role in upholding our country’s reputation as a world-class producer of consumable goods. We focus only on food production, which means you can trust we’re also leading the way with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies to get the job done.

Where we came from

Presco Environmental is part of the Presco Group, a family-owned group of companies established by Steve Prestidge that provide specialised support to a number of New Zealand’s backbone industries.

With a head office in Hawera, Taranaki, Presco Environmental was born out of a small company called Enviroclean Taranaki, originally a customer of sister Presco company, Presco Hire. Steve recognised the potential in developing the business further, and purchased the company when the opportunity arose in 2006. Through innovation and improvement, the company has since grown to a nationwide provider of specialist cleaning services that meet the demands of complex industrial sites.

A total solution for your production site

Our approach is a proactive one - we’d rather stay one step ahead, than wait for issues to arise. Our solutions are holistic; in collaboration with you we’ll develop a cleaning schedule that is safe, effective and minimises disruption to your operations. With a plan in place, you’re better positioned to stay on top of compliance, and with transparent quality control and reporting, you get peace of mind that your premises are operating with an exceptional standard of cleaning care.

We're committed to continual innovation

We’re always looking for better, safer and more sustainable ways of doing things. As products and processes change, we stay ahead of the curve, ensuring our customers are always getting the best protection for their business.

Learning Centre

Sharing industry knowledge

Stay up to date with the latest in critical hygiene technologies and techniques and get guidance around best-practice standards for your food production business.

Safe and sustainable environments for your plant, your people and the planet

Sustainability sits at the centre of everything we do. Our decisions are driven by our ‘three-legged stool’ philosophy when it comes to sustainability - people, planet and profit. To align with our ethos, each factor has to be considered when it comes to the actions we take in our own business, and in the way we support our customers. That means our solutions are not only environmentally-friendly, they are set up to increase efficiencies in your business today, and long into the future.

Our Community

We’re proud to support both local and nationwide charities and community groups by giving back through sponsorship support and the provision of services for events.