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Can you set up a routine cleaning program?

In life, preventative maintenance is always best. Proactive, preventative cleaning is best. 
Learn why it's important to have a routine cleaning schedule set up for your site, and how to set one up.

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How do we avoid cross-contamination?

As a contractor visiting multiple sites, we understand the risk of cross-contamination we pose to you. That is why we take the utmost care to honour our hygiene controls.
Discover the controls we have in place to prevent cross-contamination.

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What's in the portal?

Your Presco Environmental portal is a place where we can upload whatever documents or photos you require from us.  Here are the things your portal could include.

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How do we dispose of waste?

Most of our cleaning processes create waste.  We take great care to collect our waste, dispose of it responsibly and document all disposal.  
Read more about how we dispose of and document our waste.

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You Can't Sanitise Dirt: 7 steps to clean

For thorough sanitising in the food industry, the key (and hopefully not overlooked) step is pre-cleaning.
Clean first. Sanitise afterwards. In that order. Always. No exceptions. Period.
Let’s boil each step down to its most basic function.

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