Can we set up a routine cleaning program for you?

September 22, 2021


Why set up a routine cleaning program?

In life, preventative maintenance is always best.

Brushing our teeth is preventative maintenance: we do it so we can avoid fillings and abscesses in the future.  
Walking is preventative maintenance: we do it to keep our heart healthy, so we don’t have any health complications in the future.
For my grandma, Codecrackers were preventative maintenance: she did them daily because she believed it would stop her losing her mind as she got older.  

Proactive, preventative cleaning is best. 

Having a routine cleaning schedule set up for your site is preventative maintenance.  It helps you prevent:

  • midnight repairs
  • last minute call-backs for permit issuers or plant staff?
  • damaged product
  • production downtime from unplanned stops, and
  • health and safety issues.

It also means the auditor can see you have a proactive plan to control pathogens and keep production on schedule.  It means there are skilled technicians on site to carry out your cleaning.  And it means your production team get a planned break.  

Still don’t believe that planned maintenance is best?  Imagine this … 

  • Foreign matter is cleared before it enters the first line of defence; not left until it has passed through into the production line.
  • Your plant is maintained before someone is hurt
  • Rodents and live prey are removed before they die; their decaying carcasses becoming a breeding ground for pathogens
  • Your drains and sumps are cleared before waste flows backwards
  • Waste is collected for treatment before it flows into the stormwater
  • Blockages are removed before your machine overheats

How does that sound?  Exactly what you want, right?

All these things help protect your plant and keep your production on schedule.  The quality of your product is kept at maximum and the life of your asset is extended because product, foreign matter, lichens and windborne debris are kept from building up.

How do they work?

To set up a routine cleaning program, it is important we understand you.  We need to learn everything we can about your site, your production, and the challenges you face.  This includes all the demands your situation has, such as:

  • traffic
  • machinery
  • air flow
  • level of hygiene
  • auditors’ requests
  • insurance demands
  • down days, and
  • warranty needs.

Combining your expertise with our experience and expert hygiene knowledge, we can create a transparent plan for your cleaning maintenance. 

Once the plan is underway, changes can happen.  Maybe you need a bigger area cleaned; maybe smaller.  Maybe you want to do fewer area washes; maybe more.  We can always alter the schedule to meet your changing requirements.  

What happens if we don’t need to clean?

This does happen.  Sometimes, our technicians go to site to clean on a planned date, but when they arrive, they feel the job does not need doing right now.   If this happens, they will discuss with you before starting to see if you would like to leave it this time.  If so, we can provide a condition report to show the state at time of inspection (e.g. fans running well, no debris on roof) to prove to your auditor that you are paying due diligence to your cleaning.  

Condition checks

Speaking of condition reports, your maintenance routines do not always have to include cleaning.  Have you got an area with specific challenges?  Maybe you struggle with rodents.  Or maybe access is a challenge for you.  If so, you should have a plan of regular condition checks.

When you employ us to carry out this plan, we become your eyes and ears.  Outside the office, or away from the production line, issues can build up unknown: like the leak in the ceiling space, the rodent in the back room, the blocked internal gutter, the air supply duct feeding production with pathogens, or the broken door latch letting wild weather inside.  When we are regularly checking these areas, we can suggest changes and report issues to you before it is too late.

A proactive mindset like this will keep your product and your people safe.  test

What do ours include?

You can learn about our cleaning schedules here.


Have you got further questions about setting up a cleaning program?  Get in touch at