1. Condition Grade Assessment

The initial step in HVAC Hygiene where the system’s current state is graded against the standard.  Visual inspections, pressure drop readings across filters and ATP testing for cleanliness all help to identify issues.  Presco Environmental IAQ technicians then provide a condition report including the best actions to combat any issues. 

2. End-to-End Deep Clean of Filtered Air Supply Ventilation System

Technicians perform a chemical clean of the entire ventilation system, from outside air intake right through to supply air ceiling grilles.  Repainting flaky paint, repairing rust damage and replacing leaking or damaged seals can all be done at this step.  Any damaged or aging filter holding banks are repaired.  The air supply fan should also receive a full clean, to increase air movement efficiency; a dirty fan is less efficient as it requires more power to run and can cause vibration issues.  HVAC components to be cleaned and sanitised include:

  • Air intake louvres / plenum
  • Filter holding banks and filter rooms
  • Air supply fan and fan room
  • Heat exchange coils
  • Air supply ducting 
  • Air supply grilles / registers
  • Condensate drain trays and pipes; clean and sanitise

Following a HVAC system deep clean, antimicrobial coating can be applied to control mould regrowth.  

3. End-to-End Clean of Extraction System

A deep clean and sanitise should be conducted of the:

  • Grilles and registers: this will take place from inside the factory
  • Grease filters, if fitted
  • Internal ducts to remove product build-up
  • Extraction fans to increase efficiency

4. Air Filter Selection and Application

For each individual situation, technicians advise the best filter solution, ensuring it meets ISO16890 standards.   Presco Environmental supplies all types of air filters;

  • Insect screens
  • Primary course grade filters
  • Secondary pocket filters
  • Secondary compact filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Grease filters
  • Reusable frame filters with disposable filter media
  • Washable filters

5. Air cleaning product recommendation

Presco Environmental supply and install UV-C lighting systems to eliminate airborne pathogens and control odour.  This is a particularly effective solution for hygiene of heat exchange coils.  

Our advisors can look at your system, and help you choose products that  will ensure it stays hygienic all year round. Some of these technologies include needlepoint bipolar ionisation (an air cleaning technology that  removes dirt and pathogens using ions) and anti-microbial coatings (a special technology that can be painted inside your system to stop the growth of mould and fungi.) 

6. Water Cooling Tower Cleans

Technicians perform a deep clean to remove Legionella risk.   Compliance cleans are also completed, to meet AS/NZS 3666.  

7. Ongoing Hygiene Maintenance Programs

Presco Environmental work with factories to create ongoing or annual maintenance programs for HVAC hygiene.  This includes scheduled checks and cleans of both the clean and dirty side of filters to ensure no bypass is or has occurred, in accordance with IRHACE best practise guidelines.  Technicians provide documented maintenance reports for factory records.