Presco Environmental technicians filling out their COCs for the day

What evidence do you have that I can show auditors?

Keelie Dwyer
December 18, 2020

We provide many kinds of evidence for you to show your auditors.  Some of these include:

  • Certificate of completion (COC)

When we complete your job, we can provide a COC. Mostly, these come with before and after photos. These are great evidence: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’

All our reports are third party evidence for you, so your auditor can see external professionals have verified what you are saying.  

COC’s and HVAC reports are useful for proving work has been done, even if it no longer looks like it.  In a place where mould grows quickly, or the wind brings a lot of debris, these reports show that all pathogens/debris were removed when you say they were, even though the condition has changed since then.  

  • ATP testing

ATP testing is a method used to instantly assess the cleanliness of surfaces by measuring actively growing microorganisms through detecting adenosine triphosphate, (ATP).  We use these tests in our annual HVAC servicing, and provide details in the HVAC report.  ATP testing can also be used outside of HVAC servicing.  Learn more about ATP testing here. 

  • Before and after photos

If needed, we can provide before and after photos outside of your COC.

  • Dates your new filters were installed

  • Responsible waste documents

We dispose of our waste in numerous ways, including worm farms, ‘ExOil’ (an oil recycling service: see more here) and South Taranaki District Council sewage ponds for water with too much food residue or chemical.  This disposal is all documented.  

  • Proof food safe chemicals have been used

We will locate the technical data sheet (TDS) and check that.  If we cannot locate the TDS, we ask the chemical supplier for documented verification.  Before using, we check you to ensure the chemical is approved for use on your site specifically.

  • Reports portal

A portal you can log into 24/7 to view all reports, photos and chemicals used of past jobs, plus future cleaning schedules, at your plant

  • Scheduled maintenance programs

These are normally annual schedules of all work to be done, on a spreadsheet.  

  • Evidence of rubbish removed

Often we remove waste in rubbish bags – things like removing rodents from the ceiling space so they don’t attract maggots; removing spilt food so rodents or birds don’t come to feed; or removing the food that birds have dropped in the gutters, so they don’t overflow.  As proof for you and your auditor, we can take photos of any debris when we started, then photos of said debris inside rubbish bags.  


Have you got a question about what evidence we can provide you?  Get in touch at or call 0800 773 726.