What is in our reports portal?

Keelie Dwyer
April 22, 2021

Your Presco Environmental portal is a place where we can upload whatever documents or photos you require from us.  Depending on your requirements, your portal could include:

Cleaning maintenance schedule

If you have worked with us to create a cleaning maintenance schedule, this can be kept in the portal.  This schedule shows each task planned for your department, the expected date of completion and the budgeted amount.  As each job is carried out, your portal will be updated with how the plan is progressing and actual values of work completed.  

Certificates of completion

You may get asked questions like ‘When was this last maintained or cleaned?’ or ‘How do you prove it?’  
Or maybe you want to know what the condition of your factory was before or after cleaning.  
Or why cleaning maintenance needs to be done so often.  
Or maybe you have had an incident, and need proof that maintenance is happening regularly.  

We upload all of your certificates of completion (COCs) to your reports portal so you can log in and find them at any time.  

HVAC reports

These reports show work carried out on your heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) system.  They show how the area was found, what our technicians did and report any maintenance issues found during the work.  See an example of an HVAC report here. 

Like a COC, these are helpful to show your auditor or insurance provider what you are doing to keep your product lines safe and your asset up to specification.  

Training record

This is a document showing all the Presco Environmental technicians’ training.  This is helpful if you like to check whether a technician on your site has up to date training on things like confined space entry or working at height.


Your portal can contain a photos folder.  If, while working in your department, we see something we think could be of value to you, we will notify you and take photos.  These will be popped in this photos folder. This could be things like:

  • rust found in a HVAC room floor
  • holes in ceiling spaces
  • damaged hand rail
  • signs of water or rodent activity, or
  • anything else we feel might be out of sight from your team or may contribute to a food or people safety issue.

(Photos of your actual jobs are included in the COCs – learn more about these reports here.)

In fact, we can upload any documentation that you require about our work, as long as it doesn’t clutter your portal.  If it helps you, just call out and we will sort it.  

Documents are normally kept on the portal for at least 18 months.  All this information is exclusive to each department manager’s login, and anyone that you share you login with.  

Get in touch

Interested in setting up a login for your factory or site?  Contact us today at info@prescogroup.co.nz or call 0800 773 726.