MicroClear Plus


This product will help you if you need:

  • a long-term solution to protect your surface from pathogens
  • an anti-microbial coating that does not affect the appearance of your surface.


The solution for you

MicroClear Plus is a revolutionary anti-microbial clear coating that is free from VOCs (toxic fumes from chemicals) and water based.  MicroClear Plus contains a unique technology that bonds a sea of microscopic spears to the surface.  These spears kill bacteria and viruses as they land on the surface.  They also stop moss, mould and fungus growing.  The unique bonding technology allows MicroClear Plus to adhere without changing the colour or appearance of the surface. 

If you maintain regular cleaning, one application of MicroClear Plus will protect your surface for up to three years.  To do this, wipe a wet microfibre over the surface. This will remove the build-up of dead cells, exposing the microscopic spears again.