ATP Testing System: verify how effective your clean was


Use this tester to prove your cleaning was efficient.  This handheld ATP testing system accurately detects ATP from surfaces and rinse water samples. A total of 3 different samplers are available, depending on the application, for surface testing, rinse water testing, and narrow openings (e.g. small pipes, fill nozzles).

Pricing is exclusive of GST. 

This ATP testing system will help you if you need:

  • instant proof of how effective a clean was – a lab test takes days
  • to detect microscopic pathogens that you cannot see on your surface
  • data to prove cleanliness, rather than just a visual check.

The solution

ATP testing is a way of instantly proving how clean a surface is.  To do this, this special reader measures actively growing microorganisms by detecting adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.  No ATPs means the surface is clean. 

In a critical hygiene environment, the cleaning process includes both cleaning and sanitising.  Cleaning removes food residue from product contact surfaces.  Sanitisation eliminates or minimises the presence of microorganisms that pose a risk to food safety and product quality.  Test once you have completed the cleaning process.  If there are no ATPs, the cleaning process has worked.

AccuPoint® Advanced Sanitation Verification System has 3 different sampler types.  This means you can test surfaces, water, and tight spaces (such as orifices and channels) and get your evidence in 20 seconds.