Building maintenance

Building Maintenance is vital for food producers to keep the building envelope sealed from weather, insects, rodents and pathogens. It is important for the safety of our food – any crack or crevice in our factory can cause a build-up of soil or bacteria – and the safety of our people – removing any obstacles or hazards that could harm the humans in our factory.

This building maintenance service will help you if … 

  • your factory needs a sealed envelope to maintain a hygienic environment
  • cracks are letting weather, insects, rodents or pathogens into your factory
  • factory wear and tear is causing hazards to your people and food, or
  • you need to keep your factory compliant for a building warrant of fitness.

The solution to your problems

Our Building Maintenance technicians will perform all work under a documented hazard identification and control system for your compliance and peace of mind. Being solely committed to food producers makes us unique; just as our Industrial Cleaning division is, our Building Maintenance service is specifically set up to comply with the requirements of the Food and Beverage industry.

All our technicians are trained in food safety and health and safety. This differentiates them from common builders who do not have industry knowledge or training. Years of experience in the food industry help our technicians make the choices that best fit your site and needs.  

What can we help you with?


  • Building repairs and maintenance
  • Minor alterations
  • Gib board repairs
  • Poly-panel repairs
  • Door and window hardware repairs
  • Paint touch-ups


  • Roof leak repairs
  • Re-flashing
  • Resealing
  • Roof iron replacement
  • Gutter and down-pipe repairs
  • Rust treatment


  • Bird proofing
  • Concrete laying
  • Plastering
  • Concrete sealing
  • Building exterior and gutter cleaning
  • Rubbish removal and disposal
  • Handyman and caretaker type duties
  • Temporary project village setup and dismantle
  • Temporary fencing setup and dismantle

We have outsourced and project managed building maintenance jobs, with licensed builders as subcontractors. We can project manage renovations and subcontract all trades (electricians, painters, plumbers etc,). All work is done by preferred and qualified tradespeople. 

You could have your own in-house maintenance team. 

This is good if you have lots of small jobs happening throughout every day, including night or weekend shift work. It would also be a good option if your repairs are of an urgent nature.
The downside of an in-house team is that they will unlikely have full-time work, therefore time is unproductive. You will also have to manage annual leave, rosters, management and other HR duties.  

You could enter a facilities management contract.

This is good if you prefer to completely outsource and take a ‘hands off’ approach. If you use our service, you will need to talk to us about the job, tell us when to get it done and pay job-by-job. If you prefer a completely ‘hands off’ approach, our service may not be best for you.  

Do you do painting?

No, we are not a painting contractor. However, we do paint as part of repairs and maintenance. We also provide specialist antimicrobial coatings for food-safety. 

Can you source parts to match an existing fixture?

Yes, we have a wide network of industry suppliers and can sort most things. 

Can you unblock drains?

We have equipment for drain unblocking. If it is more serious than our equipment can manage, we have subcontractors with larger higher pressure equipment available to help out. 

Do you do roofing?

We are not a roofing contractor, but we can do roofing repairs and maintenance as per the list above. 

Our limitations

We are not registered Master Builders.  

Our qualifications

For your peace of mind and compliance, our Building Maintenance technicians are qualified in:
  • Hazard Identification and Control
  • Permit to Work
  • Licenced operators of mobile Elevated Work Platforms
  • Safe work at heights
  • Safety observer/ fire watch
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Gas Testing
  • Fire Extinguishing
  • Chemical handling
  • Industrial 1st Aid

See our full list of qualifications here.