Exterior cleaning

Our building exterior wash will help you if you want to:
  • clean your building or cobwebs, dust, moss, algae and dirt
  • remove algae from your exterior walls faster than moss kill can
  • make you building look more presentable

The Solution

Our building exterior cleaning will help you with your building warrant of fitness (BWOF) and insurance.  It will also help keep rodents away from your factory – if they don’t have a food source on the outside, they are less likely to make their way inside. 

We specialise in low pressure enviro-clean, eco-friendly chemical ‘washing’. This uses chemicals intelligently to gently lift soil and algae from your building surfaces, rather than high pressure ‘water blasting’ which can be very destructive in many cleaning situations. This is a better option for your building than spraying chlorine, or a similar toxic chemical, that is corrosive. These will cause exposed metals to rust and painted surfaces to deteriorate.

We can remove:

  • the slippery surface from your roofs
  • insects and cobwebs from your wall
  • bird nests and the mess they create if roosting in the eves of your building

With this service, you will get experienced, trained operators and full hazard control for your HSE compliance and general ‘peace-of mind.’

Our technicians have chemical handling and EWP training, and years of experience in industrial cleaning in the food industry. 

This service is often accompanied by moss control and gutter cleaning.  View these services here:

You could do it yourself.

This is fine, as long as you have people who are trained in chemical handling and working at heights. If you do not, this option is unsafe.

You could use a property maintenance solution.

Some contractors, especially painters, provide maintenance solutions.  For a fixed annual fee, they will paint your building (in year 1) then return each year to clean your building.  Often these contracts will lock you in for around seven years. 

What pressure do you wash at? 

We always wash under 3000 psi.

Will pressure washing damage my building?

It can.  Operators need to be trained and skilled.  A competent operator will be able to wash your building without pushing any water under flashings, seals, windows or doors, and not damage any paint. 

Can the chemical you use be washed down the drain? Will the chemical you use kill plants?

We do have environmentally friendly chemicals that will not kill vegetation and are safe to wash down the drain. 

Where does this service not work?

  • Because of our commitment to New Zealand’s food producers, we do not clean domestic residences.
  • It is not a good idea to pressure wash a building that is already in poor repair. If there is flaky paint, building washing will just take more paint off. If a window is not sealed, water will get inside.