Gutter cleaning

Your gutters are a specially designed system for your building to shed water.  Keep them clear and maintained to make sure dirty water and pathogens do not overflow into your factory, and blocked gutters aren't providing a food source for rodents and birds.

What is the problem?

Your gutters are a special part of a system carefully designed to keep your building watertight. They are the intended way for your roof to shed water. If anything is not working, or your down pipes are blocked, the integrity of the entire system is compromised. 
For a food factory, it is vital that gutters do not block up. A blocked gutter harbours a lot of moss, mould and bacteria; if it overflows all these pathogens and dirty water will come back inside your factory.  Blocked gutters also provide a food source for rodents and birds.

Your solution

We help food factories like you keep your gutters clear, to avoid your food safety being compromised due to an error as small as a blocked gutter. Our technicians are all trained in working at heights, so it is safe for them to access your gutters via an elevated work platform (EWP) or from the roof. 
Gutter cleaning is complementary to building exterior cleaning. View this service here.

What are our limitations when gutter cleaning?

  • Access is a major limitation for gutter cleaning. If an EWP cannot access your gutters, we will need to access them from the roof. This may require edge protection scaffolding or anchor points to be installed for safety. If there is no EWP access and the roof is too steep, the job becomes very difficult. 
  • Because of our commitment to New Zealand’s food producers, we do not clean domestic residences.