Moss control

Protect your asset from premature failure, by removing the moss, algae and lichen from your building exterior.

What is the problem?

If you own a building, lichen, moss and algae are your worst enemy.  These growths can eat through the cladding surface and expose what is underneath, which is normally steel. That means water can now be transported straight to the steel, causing rust and premature failure. If your roof is a bitumen type material, the lichen will continue eating right through the roof itself.

Your solution

This moss control service will kill algae, moss and lichen on your walls with less than 200psi of pressure. 
Moss control is essentially a spray-and-walk-away situation. After application, the moss will take about 8 weeks to completely die. This is often followed by a building exterior pressure wash to remove the dead residue, and other soils like dust and insects. 
The moss kill we prefer to use is non-corrosive and will not damage your paint or glass. We always use chemicals that fit your specific site requirements.

When is the best time to spray moss?

For effective moss control, all four seasons must be involved. 
  1. Spring is the optimum time to spray, as moss, mould and lichen would have built up over winter.
  2. The summer sun will dry the plants out and make them brittle.
  3. As the rain starts to come and wash the dislodged plants into the gutters, this can cause blockages.  Autumn is the perfect time to check your gutters and remove these blockages. 
  4. In winter, the heavy rains come and wash the roofs clear of any dead soil. The new moss, mould and lichen starts to build up, and the cycle starts again. 

How much does moss control cost?

Moss control on its own is cheaper than a full building exterior clean, as it is much quicker to apply.  However, the best result will often require a combination of both these services.

Things to be aware of with this service:

Moss control does not have an immediate visual effect on your building. It takes time for the soil to disappear.
Moss and mould are always in the air. Using this service once does not mean you won’t have to take control of your moss next year. This service needs to be done every year. 

Because of our commitment to New Zealand’s food producers, we do not clean domestic residences.