Vinyl floor polishing

This service will help you if …

  • you are struggling with bacteria growing on your floor
  • your floors are becoming a slip hazard
  • would like to breathe new life into aged vinyl

The solution

Vinyl floor polishing makes the floor smoother, so it is easier to clean and has no little crevices for bacteria to grow in or dirt to get trapped in.
Less dirt trapped on the surface also means the floor doesn’t get so slippery when water enters the factory, from a footbath for instance.
Polishing vinyl makes the floor look beautiful, and each time it is recoated, nearly all scratches and marks will disappear.  

We can use two different types of polish, depending on your situation.  
Option one is more resistant to chemical.  This is important in a footbath, or anywhere in a facotry that chemical could be carried on the bottom of boots.  
Option two is cheaper but is less resistant, so is better for areas like red line change outs, where only socks are worn.  

How does it work? 

  1. Firstly, the floor is cleaned.  If the floor has already been polished, the old polish needs to be stripped.  Chemical dissolves the polish, and technicians scrub it away.  This can take 1-4 hours per medium-sized room, depending on the condition.  
  2. The floor is mopped again to capture any remaining polish.  This step also breaks down the chemical left on the surface.  If any chemical is left when the polish is laid, it will result in a blotchy finish.  
  3. Two base coats of polish are laid, followed by 3 topcoats.  
  4. Once the process is complete, you cannot walk on the floor for at least 12 hours.  24 hours is ideal – the longer the better so the polish can harden up.

What are your alternatives?

  • If your floor is still in good condition but dirty, we can wet scrub it, then buff it up and it will look beautiful and shiny again. 
  • If you have a polished concrete floor, we can scrub and buff that as well.  This makes them look very nice, as well as removing the slippery dirt, just like vinyl polishing.

How long does it take?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer.  It all depends on the atmospheric conditions at the time – the weather outside, whether it is day or night, what the temperature is, and so on.  Generally, it would take between 8-12 hours for a medium sized space, such as a red line change out area.

When can you do it?

Once we have received your purchase order, you will need to plan for the area to be out of action for a day and set up alternative routes if needed.  From there we can sort timing.

How often should I get my floors done?

To keep your floors at a high standard they need to be done at least once a year.  This involves stripping old polish off and recoating with new polish.  Sometimes your floor can last 2 or 3 years – it all depends on traffic

Where does this service not work?

If you want your floor to say non-slip, polishing is not for you.  We can still go in and scrub and buff these to keep them clean and aesthetically pleasing.