Fire & safety watch

Our trained technicians can provide you safety watch and fire watch so your jobs can be carried out in the safest way possible.



Each site has its own rules around what kind of work requires a Safety Watch, but one is generally required whenever a person is exposed to a risk where they may need assistance.  

Examples of this include:
  • working at height in an EWP
  • working in a confined space
  • working in a high voltage yard
  • working in a harness 
  • when equipment is running unattended
  • when working on a roadway

A safety watch should be the highest trained person on the job: they are very responsible for the safety of everyone on and around the job, and they must react immediately if something goes wrong.  
A common misconception is that those on safety watch are just standing around.  Next time you see a technician on safety watch, remember they are responsible for a lot on that job, and the job could not happen without them.  

Our technicians are trained in NZQA standard 17596: Demonstrate knowledge of safety observer responsibilities in the workplace.  See our other training here.  


When working with heat around any flammable substances, like poly panel or in a powder plant, you are required to have a Fire Watch.  This is typically required while the work is being done, and for 30 minutes afterwards to ensure nothing catches fire.  
We can provide you technicians trained in providing safety watch and using a fire extinguisher and fixed hose reels to be fire watch for your next hot works on a food factory site.