Hazardous area cleaning

High hazard areas or compounds on-site still require the same housekeeping and cleaning as non-hazardous areas. These areas pose a much higher risk for personnel working inside them and a greater liability to the ‘PCBU’ (Person in charge of the business unit) to provide a safe work environment.

What problems does this service solve?

If you have hazardous areas on your site, cleaning can be a challenge. High hazard areas include:

  • high pathogen risk areas, such as spaces with dead carcasses, faeces or mould
  • confined spaces, such as vessels, tanks, ducting, basements and ceilings
  • explosive atmospheres, such as milk powder stores and factories
  • toxic atmospheres from gas, fumes or chemicals, such as stormwater sumps
  • high voltage areas, such as 1100KVA yards or salt-coated insulators
  • chemical storage areas, for example – where the liquid is a burn hazard for eyes, skin and clothes, or the fumes are a respiratory hazard.

Because these areas are hazardous, it is easy to just avoid cleaning them. This is never a good idea – it always becomes a bigger problem somewhere along the way. Weather-borne debris and pathogens have to be removed from these areas for safety and efficiency. 

What is the solution? 

We can provide you with trained and competent technicians to clean in the above hazardous areas. 

To help you solve your problem, our team has the following qualifications:

17590 : Permit Issuer – Issue work site specific work permits
17588 : Apply for, accept, and carry out work according to a work permit in the workplace
25045 : Employ height safety equipment in the workplace
17600 : Explain safe work practices for working at heights
23229 : Use safety harness system when working at height
17599 : Plan a confined space entry
18426 : Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined spaces
3058 : Perform gas tests for energy and chemical plant
31290 : Demonstrate knowledge of safe management and potential adverse effects of hazardous substances in the workplace
31293 : Demonstrate safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous substance in the workplace
17596 : Demonstrate knowledge of safety observer responsibilities in the workplace
30265 : Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role
3721 : Suppress fire with hand extinguishers and fixed hose reels
17026 : Demonstrate knowledge of safe entry to restricted areas on an electricity supply site
As a company, we are ISO9001:2015 accredited, and have a PreQual Contractor Pre-qualification rating 2019 of 4 stars (69%).

See our other qualifications here. 

We know it’s likely you need more than just cleaning. Here are a few extra ways we can help you … 

  • documented waste disposal
  • full health and safety compliance, using a JSAA (job safety area analysis) system
  • permit to work receivers and issuers
  • safety watches
  • fire watches.

You could train up and do it yourself.

If you have a hazardous area that needs cleaning very frequently, such as daily, having your own people who are specially trained is a good idea.

How much does hazardous area cleaning cost?

The price for hazardous area cleaning is usually worked out by:

  • Industrial cleaning supervisor: $80.79 + GST per hour
  • Industrial cleaning technician: $68.89 + GST per hour
  • High hazardous surcharge: $24.98 + GST per hour
  • Any chargeable equipment and disposal costs

Do you do …

Everything listed on the Solution tab, we do.  If it is not on the list, give us a call at 0800 773 726 to discuss possible solutions. 

Do you have a BA rescue team?

At this point, we don’t have an emergency recovery team. 

Can you do a job that requires a breathing apparatus?

At this time, none of our technicians are qualified to do a job in a space that requires a full breathing apparatus. We do work that requires respirators, but we will contract out jobs requiring full breathing apparatuses.