Permit to work issuing

Presco Environmental has a team of Permit to Work Issuers who are qualified to Unit Standard 17590: Permit Issuer – Issue work site specific work permits.


Our Permit Issuers are all experienced industrial technicians, with many years of experience working on factory sites. We ensure that our people are accomplished permit receivers before they move to issuing.  This gives them the knowledge and nous to provide you with a safe and informed decision.  
A no-hassle experience; Presco’s people are always equipped with their own full personal protective equipment for industrial sites. 

We also have our own JSAA which can be used.  

With this permit issuing service, you can expect real time communications and job billing information from our Online Job Management System.

Using Presco Environmental permit issuers means you can free up your own people to focus on their main task.  If you don’t have a dedicated permit issuer, things can get missed in your permit system as the acting issuer can rush the permit so she can get back to her ‘main task’.   

Related services:

Presco Environmental also offers a Safety Watch service for:
  • Confined space entry (including gas testing)
  • High voltage
  • Working at heights

Our qualifications

For your peace of mind and compliance, our Permit Issuers are qualified in:
  • Hazard Identification and Control
  • Permit to Work
  • Licenced operators of mobile Elevated Work Platforms
  • Safe work at heights
  • Safety observer/ fire watch
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Gas Testing
  • Fire Extinguishing
  • Chemical handling
  • Industrial 1st Aid

How much does permit issuing cost?

Our permit issuing service costs around $71 per hour.  
Keep in mind the true cost of not being proactive and diligent with permits: there is potential for something huge to go wrong, resulting in loss of income, massive fines, or even worse.  
Protect yourself, your people and you reputation by putting a robust permit system in place.