We can help with your contamination problems, including:

  • Birds and rodents – dead carcasses, faeces or nesting areas
  • Spoiled or spilled food
  • Chemical spills
  • Pathogens control or removal
  • Flushing vessels prior to use
  • End of project cleans to remove all foreign matter before returning to red line conditions

What is our solution?

We can provide you with experienced, trained hygiene technicians and a full pathogen control program including decontamination of high pathogen risk areas followed by thorough cleaning and effective sanitation.
Our technicians are trained to contain decontamination and remove it without cross contamination. 
We provide you with documented evidence of work done and waste disposal for your audit trail. 

Are your technicians qualified for this?

See our qualifications to check if we are qualified for your situation.

What chemicals do you use?

Visit our chemical cleaning page for information about what chemicals we use. 
If you have a chemical contamination problem, our technicians can advise on the best solution of removal to avoid adverse reactions.

Can you come and tell us what we need to do?

Yes.  We have a team of experienced advisors who can come to your site and consult with you to solve a contamination problem. 

Do you do septic cleaning?

No, we do not clean septic tanks. However, if you are a food producer with a septic need, we can take the problem from your hands and organise a clean for you.

How much does decontamination cost?

The price for decontamination is usually includes:
  • Industrial cleaning supervisor: $80.79 + GST per hour
  • Industrial cleaning technician: $68.89 + GST per hour
  • High hazardous surcharge: $24.98 + GST per hour
  • any chargeable equipment and disposal costs.

What are our limitations with decontamination?

  • We are not currently licenced to deal with Asbestos removal.
  • We do not have a BA emergency rescue team.
  • Due to our focus on food safety and hygiene, our trucks are not used for septic overflow. There are several contractors who empty septic tanks; please try a google search to find one near you.
  • We do not have an emergency response team for major chemical spills or environmental incidents. We focus on preventative maintenance and scheduled cleaning.