Dry Vacuum & Wipe

The best method for cleaning up powder or dust that is can be easily moved (not baked-on, for example) in a dry environment. 

We start with a vacuum to remove the bulk of the soil.  This will suck the soil up, without disturbing it as wiping would.  If you disturb fine powder, it will disperse into the air and resettle again once you have finished cleaning.

(This is the same with air dusting. Air dusting blows soil into the air.  It settles later and re-contaminates your surface.  Vacuuming is better for removing soil from your plant.)

Our vacuum cleaners use HEPA filtration.  Vacuum cleaners expel air from their exhaust; if they don’t have a filter to capture the particles you have just sucked up, they will be spewing out dirty air. 

After vacuuming, we can use a dry microfibre cloth or mop head to wipe the remaining soil from the walls or ceilings.  It is important to use microfibres, as they are exceptional at picking up and holding large quantities of soil.  If you have soil on the floor, we can use a broom to sweep it up.