Floor Scrubbing

  • Is build-up making your floors slippery?
  • Is your line marking not showing?
  • Do you have concrete with divots that a mop cannot get into?
  • Are you struggling to keep the place looking nice and clean, or up to audit compliance?
  • Are there high traffic areas you wished looked nicer?
  • Do you need to keep some areas clean so no grime is taken inside your factory?
Get clean, safe floors 100 times faster

Our solution for you

Floor scrubbing is an important step to maintaining high standards in your work environment.  Using proactive floor scrubbing will prevent the build up of dirt, grease and tyre marks, creating an environment that is safe for both employees and product, and is food-safety compliant. No one wants to leave it until the build-up is so bad that scrubbing cannot work.

Our team and equipment allows a broad approach to floor scrubbing situations. We use ride-on or stand behind machines for the main areas. For places the scrubber cannot get, like narrow spaces or walkways, we can use a floor buffer with a scrubber on it. When using a machine, there are places that cannot be reached, such as the corner, edges and up against barriers. The machine cannot be used on uneven or rough surfaces either. Our technicians can use a manual or chemical scrub to ensure your entire area ends clean. 

Together, our scrubber/dryer equipment and experienced technicians can cost effectively remove the dust and dirt off your floor up to 100 times faster than manual labour could. 

Factory managers often notice that our technicians’ knowledge in the science of cleaning and chemicals can help them get exponentially better results than in-house.

Using this service will also help you minimise your water usage. The waste water in floor scrubbing is controlled and can be done in areas without drains, as it is collected as we go.

This service helps you improve safety and aesthetics as well as save money on line marking.


Over time, concrete floors get slippery as the built-up dirt becomes a smooth surface. This is a major skid-hazard for a forklift, especially one that has come in from outside with wet wheels. Floor scrubbing will remove this slip hazard, resulting in a safer environment.


What better way to complete your reputable image of a world-class food producer than a visually-pleasing spotless floor complementing the high-quality standard of the rest of your store?

Savings on Line Marking.

Remove the expense of repainting painted line markings by simply scrubbing the existing lines clean again.

You could do your floor scrubbing in-house. 

Read on to find out why we do not recommend this in the frequently asked questions section. 

You could do a manual clean.

A sweep or mop is a good interim measure, but it will not bring life back into your line marking and it may not remove the grime on your floor.

You could use a path washer or pressure washer for narrow walkways.

As mentioned below in the limitations of this service, our floor scrubber is too big to fit down all walkways. If this is the case for you, you should consider path or pressure washing. 

Why should I use Presco Environmental’s service when I have my own floor scrubber?

30% of successful deep cleaning results come from the equipment used. 70% comes from the experience, know-how and passion of those doing the job. 
Our technicians have:
  • 145 years combined experience
  • Meticulous attention to detail, getting into corners and where the machine can’t get
  • An understanding of the chemistry relating to removing individual soils
  • And lastly the associated cleaning equipment, such as mops and cloths, with them, ensuring a thorough clean.

How much can you get done in a day?

The theoretical coverage is 9000m²/hour.  It all depends on:
  • how much soil is present
  • how long it has been there
  • how many obstructions are present
  • how far it is to get clean water
  • how far it is to dispose of dirty water.
We are professionals at managing all these factors and can do a trial before starting the job to see how fast our technicians will be able to get the job done. 

What can it clean off?

With the right chemical and cleaning process, floor scrubbing can clean off soil that sits on the surface.  Soil that has soaked into unsealed concrete would have stained the surface.  Apart from lightening the colour, stains won’t be removed.  Presco Environmental technicians can expertly remove common dirt, dust, grit, rubber from tyres and hydrocarbons.

Does it clean painted line markings?

Yes. We can successfully clean a lot of black tyre marks off line marking, giving lines a new lease of life. 

Does it leave the floor wet?

No, but it is damp initially. Our floor scrubber/dryer vacuums up dirty cleaning water. Water will not pool on the surface; floors are merely damp and dry quickly after cleaning. 

How much does floor scrubbing cost?

The price for floor scrubbing usually includes:
  • Industrial cleaning supervisor: $575.52/day + GST
  • One or two industrial cleaning technicians: $551.12/day + GST each
  • Floor scrubber: approx. $496.13 + GST
  • Chemical used
  • Travel

Where does floor scrubbing not work?

  • Uneven or rough surfaces are not a good fit for a floor scrubbing machine.  A manual scrub or a floor buffer is a better option for you in this situation.
  • Our floor scrubber is a ride-on machine, therefore it is best in open spaces. It cannot always fit down walkways, and a floor buffer has to be used instead.