Vacuum Recovery

We proactively schedule your vacuum recovery, so your sumps never overflow and your drainage system keeps working efficiently.  Controlled disposal of waste helps to create sustainable environments, and documented evidence of the waste dispoable helps your audit compliance.

This vacuum recovery service will help you if you need to:

  • remove wastewater from your sumps or pits
  • dispose of anything someplace apart from your site
  • remove a special kind of waste, such as hazardous substances
  • stop waste entering areas it shouldn’t, such as wastewater
  • clean up a spill, such as chemicals, fat, or water.


Your solution

Controlled disposal of waste

Presco Environmental can offer you a controlled disposal of waste, along with documented evidence of the waste destination for your audit compliance. We always take ownership of the waste we generate and never let it become a second problem. Specialist equipment simultaneously rinses and collects the washing water at the point of cleaning. 

This supports our commitment to creating sustainable environments by keeping chemicals and wastewater from our waterways.

Proactive vacuum recovery

The way we can offer you the most value is scheduled vacuum recovery.  By taking a proactive approach, the waste in your sumps can be routinely sucked out so they do not overflow. Oil and grease separators and stone/sand traps can be cleaned to keep drainage systems working effectively.

Save yourself money and hassle. Don’t call out a reactive service once an accident has happened – add vacuum recovery to your overall cleaning program. 

Waste spills

We respond to food factories who need help cleaning up a spill, such as chemicals, fat, or water.


There are plenty of vacuum recovery contractors in New Zealand who can provide you the service we do. However, we have a laser-like focus on New Zealand’s food industry. Due to this focus on food safety and hygiene, we don’t recover sewage and our technicians understand the importance of keeping their vacuum recovery equipment clear of pathogens to protect your plant.

How much waste can your truck hold? 

Our vacuum recovery truck holds up to 5000L of waste. 

What waste can you take? 

We will recover any liquid waste, apart from sewerage. We have helped food producers like you recover a huge range of waste, from oil to cream, and even pesky resin beads that made their way into wastewater.

Can you take hazardous waste? 

We can arrange collection and disposal of hazardous waste at an approved hazardous disposal facility. 

Do you do septic cleaning? 

No, we do not clean septic tanks. However, if you are a food producer with a septic need, we can take the problem from your hands and organise a clean for you.

How much does vacuum recovery cost?

There are many variables involved in the cost of vacuum recovery.

Here is a basic indication of what your cost will be made up of:

  • Vacuum recovery service: $63 per hour
  • Labour: industrial cleaning supervisor: $80.79 per hour
  • Labour: industrial cleaning technician: $68.89 per hour
  • Waste disposal
  • Distance travelled

We can provide an estimate if you require.

Our limitations with vacuum recovery

  • Due to our focus on food safety and hygiene, our trucks are not used for septic overflow. There are a number of contractors who empty septic tanks; search online to find one near you.
  • Access may be a limitation for us. The longest hose we have is 20m. If the distance from your waste to our truck is more than this, we may not be able to get there. Remember, this also includes vertical distance. Our trucks are heavy vehicles, so driving over grass or a manhole may also hinder us accessing your waste. 
  • Vacuum recovery is for liquid waste. If your waste is too solid, we will not be able to recover it with this service.
  • We only have two vacuum recovery trucks. If these are both busy, we will not be able to respond to your spill ourselves.  However, we have good relationships with contractors that we trust and will always do our best to provide a solution. 

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